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Communication, Media, and Culture Program

August 14, 2019 09:58 AM
Media of communication play a crucial role in shaping the world we live in: from the press, to social media, to film and to other entertainment media. The communication studies curriculum teaches students the foundation of ethical and effective communication. The curriculum includes a wide range of topics, addressing important issues such as media criticism, message design, media processes and effects. Students are expected to develop analytical, leadership, teamwork skills, and the ability to articulate, in verbal and written forms, ideas in the contemporary media landscape.

Majors, Minors, and Certificates

Communication, Media, and Culture (BA)
Communication, Media and Culture Minor

English Program

August 19, 2019 02:36 PM
The English major provides a detailed knowledge of the English language and of literature written in English. English majors approach language and literature as a source of knowledge and aesthetic pleasure, a mode of encountering and evaluating diverse minds and attitudes, a vehicle for art and action, a means of historical understanding, and a source of spiritual insight. English majors use writing as their primary means of knowing, understanding, and evaluating their experience and their reading and of sharing their insight with others. In keeping with the long-standing ideals of a liberal arts education, the English Department aims to cultivate in its students those foundational skills in writing, awareness, and judgment upon which lives of wisdom, service, and ever-increasing love for learning might be built.

Majors, Minors, and Certificates

English (BA)
English Education (BA)
Creative Writing Minor
English Minor
Professional Writing Minor

Film Program

August 20, 2019 01:53 PM
The Film Program offers an academic minor that provides basic training in film as a media art form. It introduces the study of film's formal elements, history and practice. It also offers practical training in basic and intermediate video production. Career options include media production, advertising/marketing/campaigning, public relations, instructional material development, visual communications, and the film industry.

Majors, Minors, and Certificates

Film Minor

Visual Arts Program

August 19, 2019 03:27 PM
The visual arts curriculum serves five main purposes: (1) to prepare competent professionals in various fields of visual arts; (2) to qualify artists and designers to solve conceptual and technical problems inherent in visual arts; (3) to train art students to critically assess and discuss works of art; (4) to prepare art educators for teaching the visual arts at the secondary level; and (5) to generally develop individuals' aesthetic sense by helping them experience art.

Majors, Minors, and Certificates

Visual Arts (BA)
Visual Arts (BFA)
Art Education (BA)
Painting Minor
Sculpture Minor
Visual Arts Minor